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A long-handled spoon for stirring mixed drinks, especially in a tall glass.
Can and bottle openers
A good, sturdy bottle opener, an anchor opener for stubborn jars, and a conventional key-operated can opener is all you should need for most situations.
Cork extractors come in many shapes and styles, but the secret to getting a good one that can really pull corks is to look for a coil and not a screw. The conventional screw-type cork puller is not wide enough to get a good grip on a bad cork. The coil type does a much better job because it is distributed through the cork over a wider area. Here are a few of the variations on the traditional corkscrew.
Sommelier's corkscrew
The Sommelier's corkscrew resembles a Swiss Army knife and holds a corkscrew, bottle opener, and a small knife for removing the sealing materials from around the cork.
Wing corkscrew
The wing corkscrew has two arms that rise when it is inserted into the cork. Press down on the wings and the cork comes out with little effort.
Double-action corkscrew
The double-action corkscrew is ingenious in that once the screw is in the cork, the crossbar that doubles as a handle locks so that you continue turning and the cork is gradually extracted.
The Twistup or cork fork does not actually employ a screw or coil, but two prongs or tines attached to a sturdy handle instead. The prongs are inserted down the neck of the bottle on either side of the cork and a gentle rocking motion will loosen the cork so that it may easily be extracted. It works well on corks that are spongy or crumbling, and too soft for a screw-type cork extractor.
Cutting board and knife
This is basic equipment for any bar and useful for all kinds of drink preparation. A heavy laminated board about eight inches in diameter is suitable for most uses, and is easy to store.

Double-ended jigger
The standard metal jigger measures 1 ¹/2 oz on the large end and 1 oz on the small end.

Electric blender
These high speed mixers are essential for making many of today's popular mixed drinks. A good blender with a strong motor, and variable speeds aerates most drinks in a way that no amount of shaking can accomplish.

Ice bucket and tongs
Keeping a supply of ice by the bar for home entertaining eliminates the need to run back and forth to the refrigerator to get ice cubes. Ice tongs are a genteel way of serving ice in a drink.

Juice squeezer
Hand-held and electric juice squeezers are an important bar item, and essential for adding fresh juice drinks.

Measuring spoons
Buy the common kitchen-variety set of nested spoons, they are a necessity.

A good muddler is made of an extremely hard wood such as lignum vitae. It is used to crush condiments and muddle sugar, fruit, and mint for Juleps, Smashes, and Old Fashioneds.

Indispensable for home entertaining, pitchers are necessary for serving water, fruit juices and making stirred drinks such as the Martini and the Manhattan.

Shaker set and strainer
A professional shaker consisting of a 16 oz mixing glass, and a metal top, is a definite must. Strainers come in all shapes and sizes, but get the regular professional bar strainer that fits the mixing glass in your shaker set.




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