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Brandy snifter
The classic blown-glass globular shape and brief stem is designed allow your hand to warm the brandy, while the mouth holds the aroma of a fine cognac, armagnac, or Spanish brandy. The most common sizes are 3, 6, or 12 ounces but can be found as large as 24 or 48 ounces.
Champagne glass
The champagne tulip is artfully designed to preserve the natural carbonation of the champagne. It has been popular in Europe for many years and is becoming more widely used in North America as the correct glass for sparkling wines. Has a capacity from six to nine ounces.
Cocktail glass
A stemmed glass ranging in size from three to six ounces and with variously shaped bowls. Can be used for anything from martinis, Manhattans and stingers to frozen drinks.
Collins glass
An elongation of the highball glass holding from ten to fourteen ounces. Often frosted nearly to the top, this glass is used for Collins family of drinks, fizzes, and exotic drinks like Mai Tais.
Highball glass
The most universally used glass ranging from eight to twelve ounces and used for most standard mixed drinks served on-the-rocks.
Margarita glass
Old Fashioned glass
A popular glass holding from six to ten ounces, sometimes called a "rocks" glass because it is just the right size for a cocktail on-the-rocks. The old-fashioned is the short squat member of the glass team.
Parfait glass
A specialty glass, approx. 7½ ounces. Most often used for drinks containing ice cream or fruit.
Pilsner glass
The tall narrow shape of the typical pilsner glass shows off the beer's golden color and high carbonation. The hop nose of pilsners and light german lagers are brought out by the glass' shape.
Pony glass
A stemmed glass holding one to two ounces for liqueurs and small pousse-cafès.
Sherry glass
A stemmed glass holding about three ounces used for cordials and liqueurs.
Shot glass
The original bar measure seen littering saloon bars in hundreds of Western movies. Designed to hold anywhere from a fraction of an ounce to two ounces. Some cleverly designed shot glasses appear to be enormous but still hold less then an ounce, sometimes called a Yankee shot glass.
Whiskey Sour glass
A stemmed glass holding from four to six ounces, sometimes called a Delmonico. Traditionally used for sours of all kinds.
Wine glass



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