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Weekly Drink


Just in time for Halloween!
Halloween is a day for ghosts and goblins, witches and werewolves. A chance for everyone to dress up and be someone or something theyre not for one night. Scary or silly, tomorrow night is your chance to live out a secret fantasy and, though I cant exactly help you with your costume, I can help with your Halloween fun!!
Goodies for the Ghoulish
Looking to spend less time behind the bar, and more time with the festivities? Still want to be able to offer a variety of tasty, yet suitable cocktails and shooters for your guests? Here are a few suggestions to get the party started.

Zombies make a fantastic Halloween theme drink, but who wants to spend all their time mixing? Make a punch size batch and let your guests serve themselves.

Zombie Punch - makes approx. 5 quarts.
32 oz light rum (that would be a standard 1 quart bottle)
1 cup dark rum
1 cup 151-proof rum
32 oz pineapple juice
32 oz orange juice
32 oz Roses lime juice (if you cant find it, use any quality lime juice)
Procedure: See below.

For something a little less potent, try this version of the Zombie.
Zombie Punch - makes approx. 5 quarts.
16 oz light rum (that would be a standard 1 pint bottle)
1/2 cup dark rum
1/2 cup 151-proof rum
44 oz pineapple juice
44 oz orange juice
44 oz Roses lime juice
Procedure: See below.

If you wish to have all the fun, with none of the side effects try this virgin Zombie. (Yes, they have those in the netherworld too!)
Zombie Punch (non-alcoholic) - makes approx. 4 quarts.
32 oz pineapple juice
32 oz fresh orange juice
32 oz fresh lime juice
16 oz passion fruit syrup
Procedure: Since all three recipes have basically the same procedure, we decided to combine them.

Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl with ice cubes (should be at least 5 quarts), mix thoroughly and garnish with some fresh pineapple, orange, and lime slices. You can either float them in the punch, or cut slits in them and decorate the rim of the bowl.
Note: 44 oz would be 1 quart plus 1 1/2 cup, or 5 1/2 cups.

Halloween is all about kids going door to door and singing trick or treat as they hold out their bags, old pillow cases, or plastic jack-o-lanterns anxiously waiting for you to drop in a few pieces of candy. But why should they get all the treats? How about some adult drinks that taste like Tootsie- Rolls, or Jellybeans? Bring back some memories of Halloweens past with these tasty concoctions.
Tootsie Roll
1/3 oz brown crème de cacao
1/3 oz Kahlua
1/3 oz orange juice
Procedure: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with cracked ice. Shake well and strain into a shot glass.
Jellybean - Red
1/3 oz grenadine
1/3 oz Chambord Royale
1/3 oz tequila
Procedure: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with cracked ice. Shake well and strain into a shot glass.

If you want to try some other favorite flavors, substitute the Chambord Royale with:

Coconut - Malibu rum
Mint - white crème de menthe
Orange - Grand Marnier
Black - black sambuca
White - Anisette
Tricks and Treats
You can also make your Tootsie-Roll or Jellybean shooters in a large batch and store them in the freezer or ice bucket. When you are ready to break out the candy, get the premixed bottles and start pouring rounds. If you want to have even more fun with these treats, have your guests sit in an office chair, lean them back and slowly pour it directly in their mouths.

If you want to do this, I advise you to get a couple of quick pour spouts (you can find these in most any liquor or kitchen supply store.) It makes it a lot easier to pour in a slow controlled stream. The idea is to drink the concoction, not drown in it.

When making your punch, keep all your juices and mixes in the fridge and liquors in the freezer (dont worry, the alcohol will prevent it from freezing) until about 15-minutes before your guests arrive. You want the punch to remain cold as long as possible.

If you are worried about the ice diluting your punch, just freeze some of the juice in an ice cube tray. For something a little more suited to the festive mood, stop by your local Wal-Mart or baking supply store and pick-up some candy or baking molds. Fill them with juice, and place them in the freezer. Since they will be larger then your average ice cube, it would be best to prepare these a day in advance so it has plenty of time to freeze.

Another spooky ice cube idea is to stop by your local novelty store and pick up some trick ice cubes. You can also make these yourself by picking up various gummies from your local bulk candy store. For Halloween, I personally like the gummy eyes and severed fingers and toes. Look around, Im sure youll find plenty of interesting gummies to spur some of your own ideas. Once you have your favorites, partially fill the cube trays with water and place them in the freezer. When the water is frozen, fill it the rest of the way, place the gummy inside, and put it back in the freezer. Drop them in guests drinks for an eerie, yet tasty treat.

For another eerie treat, place a few small pieces of dry ice in your punch bowl as the ice is melting it will emit a fog like smoke that will appear to roll from the bowl, much like a witchs kettle. Not sure where to get dry ice, call your nearest Carbon Dioxide dealer (they can be found in the yellow pages.)
Site Updates
Wow, construction certainly does create a lot dust and debris. We are in the final stages of redoing the site, look for our funky new design Tuesday. Stop by and give us your feedback, we always have an extra stool at the bar!!

Happy Halloween! And, till next week, good drinking!

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